Goose the Band

Look at these cute little guys, playing.

I have another more recent clip with 5 (5!) raccoons around the deck so the water bucket and camera have been moved out by the shed.

We celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary last week. We went to Tanaka — delicious Japanese comfort food. When I first saw the menu and items called “sandos” I rolled my eyes. HAHA. Joke’s on me. I have been there at least 4 times in the last month. Recommend!

Then we went to see Goose a hippie jam band kind of thing downtown.

As we left the restaurant there was a wave of tie-dyed people walking towards the show.

When we arrived there was a fairly long line to get in. Someone came over and told us there was another entrance on the other side with no line. My husband is a pokey walker and I was amazed how quickly he could move when it meant getting into our show faster.

“Now you can walk fast?” I called after him.

It was fun music and fun to see so many people downtown so happy to be out. There was a lady in a dress that had porcupines and amanita mushrooms on it. Whenever I’m shopping online I always look at the outdoor summer sporty dresses: Eddie Bauer, Athleta, Columbia, Prana — I saw every dress I’ve ever looked at on someone at that show.

My only complaint was that it was a little too crowded. I had a place to sit on the brick steps but my aged bum protested pretty quick. I wouldn’t have minded dancing but the crowd was really tight and it was hot and I wasn’t up for fighting my way into that. We left early. (But also I had worked all day.)

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