The Mystery of the Missing Turd

This is the chaos that is the garden at the moment. I enjoy letting it do its own thing. The sunflowers are huge. Pumpkin vines going everywhere. Bush beans unimpressive. Slug eating the greens. Tomatoes looking good with little green ones on the vines.

The other morning Bob and I headed out for a walk and there was a big old turd in my flower bed.

I am accustomed to finding turds in my yard and in my flower beds but this one was right by the front door.

I’ve never seen one quite like this.

I finally remembered I wanted to grab it — like with a plastic bag and get rid of it but when I went out there it was gone.

I went and asked Bob if he’d gotten rid of it, even though I knew that was preposterous and indeed, he had not.

So what happened to the turd?

We think maybe someone saw their dog do it and felt bad and came back for it which also seems preposterous but these are the times we live in.

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