The Kid is Hot Tonight

Kathy took this one. Hello, Tommy Shaw!

Last week I went to a concert: REO Speedwagon, Styx, and Loverboy aka High School Jukebox.

It was super fun — great afternoon/evening not too hot with clear skies. We saw the space station pass overhead.

Hearing all those songs — some I haven’t even thought of in years.

Huge barn filled with people my age: having a blast.

Me and two other guys wearing a mask. hehe.

All the bands sounded terrific and gave great performances. Tommy Shaw is the true immortal and looks exactly the same.

Rockin’ the Paradise.

I kept joking that when I was young, I would have spent so much time getting ready for a concert and picking my outfit and puffing up my hair and taking 15 minutes to apply eye make-up.

This time I was like: pants with pockets! I’m ready to go.

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