Licorice Pizza

Bob and I went to see Licorice Pizza on Christmas Day.

I LOVED this movie. I said, “That was awesome!” the minute the credits started rolling and I never do that.

When I was a sweet young thing, I lived in the Valley and I shopped at Licorice Pizza (the record store has nothing to do with the movie) and I still have my record crate that I bought there.

It lives out in the shed and we use it to hold all our gross dust and spider webs.

In the movies and on TV people are always dry swallowing pills. No one ever says, “Wait, I need to get a glass of water.”

One night after seeing this yet again I turned to Bob and said, “Why do they always dry swallow pills on shows. Who does that?”

Bob said, “I do.”

I didn’t know people really did this.

I am a grown ass woman and I have to take my pills, vitamins, whatever, 1 at a time with a big gulp of water and even then I still miss sometimes.

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