It’s 2022 and We’re Still Here!

Look at this poor guy. Looks so sad and cold.

I was going to do a year end wrap up but I never got around to it and it seemed like a lot of energy to review what shows I watched or what events I liked best.

I made progress on the Project of Forever. One of my characters works for the Forest Service so I did some Forest Service research and then ads for Forest Service jobs popped up in my social media. What a world.

The project is rolling along but this looks a bit more promising than it is. I’m still fumbling along but I am forcing myself to push forward. There’s a range between writing garbage to get it done and grinding your wheels writing nothing until you think of the perfect thing. Some of the stuff I’ve got isn’t pretty but that’s what revision is for.

17218 / 30000 words. 57% done!

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  1. Darren Freire says:

    Gawd… I know what you mean by looking up one or two things and somehow some tracker latches onto you. I was looking for a long Winter Scarf and found one that is 81 inches on some Big and Tall site. Now I get spam in my gmail and on Facebook with ads for pants up to a 72 inch waist or 9X overalls. I’m not even 72 inches tall let along need overalls that would fit a farm tractor

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