The Raccoon in the Middle of the Hedge!

If you look carefully at the beginning of the clip, a raccoon comes out of the hedge — it’s just right of the middle of the screen. Those hilarious little tricksters.

Don’t get use to me posting this often. It’s amazing what a long stretch of time off does for a person.

A long time ago, I’m thinking it was the late 80s, I went on one of those package resort trips to Cancun. There are many tales to tell about that trip but the reason I bring it up now is that they pick you up from the airport in a short bus with a giant cooler full of booze as you board. The greeter told us that a week vacation was nice but it seemed like people really needed two weeks to fully unwind.

I think she was onto something.

To get back to the brown truck package — after the second delivery we returned it once again, time to the actual brown truck customer service center that is not far from our house. That individual also shook his head but said that a brown truck store wouldn’t know what to do with it so it was no wonder we got it back.

So far hasn’t shown up again. Hopefully the addressee is enjoying the well shaken contents by now.

Also, I didn’t mention but I have started working on the project of forever again. I know I’ve brought it up before and it’s a long story. I’ve probably written 50-60K of this thing over the years (much of which needs to be discarded) and promised myself I would finish it a dozen times.

I’m trying again. I have divided it into 3 smaller projects that I will worry about tying all together later. Part One is the project I used for my class and started writing earlier this month:

7446 / 30000 words. 25% done!

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