Free Food

This is from the summer on one of our walks. I wondered aloud whether these people know they can pick the vegetables earlier. We did not take any. I think at that point we were battling garden over-supply ourselves.

My digital photo collection is in such disarray, it bums me to even think about how to rectify this. I would need to set aside a minimum of one entire weekend to get on top of it. Or take a whole week off from work.

I need a better system but also it’s too late. I have photos and duplicates. And I can’t take one picture of a pumpkin, I take 8 pictures of a pumpkin. Then it’s not like I delete the 7 less desirable ones.

Plus I moved things back and forth on my phone and have even more duplicates.

I do not recommend.

I wrote a note to write about this but now that I’m here I wonder why. We bought a cheap-o brand of rice and the leftovers go bad so quickly and so horrifyingly, I made Bob promise not to buy it again. What is it about rice, that when it goes bad it’s so gruesome? There are lots of food that are gross when they are bad or smell terrible when they are bad.

Anyone ever forget about greens?

But rice, OOF! If you don’t know what I mean, consider yourself very lucky.

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  1. Darren Freire says:

    I have never been big on Rice, when I was a child my mom once made home made pasta sauce, took hours and it was always great but when she went to make dinner, we had no pasta so she used White Rice. The taste made us kids gag so minutes later off to McDonalds. Anyways and I have to say this careful, not a judgement on the people or the religion but I once purchased Jewish Stuffing. It looked like brown paste and had the flavor of dirty cardboard.

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