Running Journal Day 1

When I lived in Oregon I was a runner and by runner I mean a person who slogged slowly but without stopping for several miles on a regular basis.

I can’t remember if I ever ran when I moved to Washington. Maybe a little? Or maybe I took walks by myself?

I do remember that I was bitten by a dog in Dec 2002 while on a walk by myself and after that I didn’t like to go around the neighborhood by myself. For a long time I was nervous walking with Bob, too, but at least I would have someone who could help me if a strange dog bit me. [Aside: the dog bite thing was majorly traumatizing. I even did hypnosis to try to get over it. At this point, it’s far enough in the past that I’m not afraid of every strange dog I see.]

Long story omitted but recently more than one doctor has strongly encouraged me to get more cardio into my life. One doctor suggested that once fitness is gone, it’s hard to get back so better hop to it now.

I’ve been walking more and thought it would be fun (and to be completely honest, more time efficient) to try running again. Not train for 5 or 10k or anything like that. Just try to get enough fitness to wobble along for 20-30 minutes a few days a week.

Yesterday my industrial strength fitness bra and running capris with sweat-resistant pocket arrived.

Today was my first run.

For the first minute I galloped down the street in the spring sunshine. Running is amazing! Look at the birds and the flowering trees! Why haven’t I been doing this?

This was quickly replaced maybe thirty seconds later by, wow, already my legs feel heavy.

I couldn’t quit that easily. It’s beautiful out! Fitness is fun!

Legs only got heavier. Breath a little short.

But there’s a family with kids and dogs and bikes. Me and my sweat-resistant pocket can’t stop where they can see.

I had a simple goal in mind that seemed attainable so I kept pushing but was astonished by how gruesome it was.

Then I had to poo.

I pushed a little further before I gave up. I was going to cut across to do part of my normal walk because it has a big hill but #2 was calling so I walked home very quickly.

Estimated mileage: 1

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  1. Darren Freire says:

    Years ago I had a General Manager who blamed me for so many things. One day she called me to her office and had another manager there to witness. She had two magazines on her desk and told me these two magazines were on the break room table and asked if they were mine? The two magazines were Running and Runners World. Mind you I was a good 45 pounds overweight. I told her NO they were not mine and then asked “does it look like I run much?” Being a jerk I then added “Ellen if you see me moving fast, the laxative is kicking in…”

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