Bad Attitude about Email

A few more from my limited tulip photo collection.

I’m on a work related mailing list and they send out a notice to a large group of people, not “bcc” so you know what happened next. People replied to the whole list which created a ton of extra email that I did not need. They said they were open to suggestions so I suggested they use “bcc” so everyone doesn’t get inundated with email they don’t want.

Then someone on the list announced their retirement which set off another flurry of unneeded email.

Is there some official name of the syndrome where the moment you need to rely on your phone — for a ticket, to pick up something you bought, for some critical piece of information that you specifically saved so you could reference it — that your can’t make your phone work right?

It is astonishing how often this happens to me. I stand in line with my ticket app showing and then I get to the front and I can’t pull up the app. I stand in line with an email receipt that I need to pick up something and the minute I get to the front of the line, the email disappears.

I feel like this should be named and recognized so when it happens you can say: oh, I suffer from technological failure disease. And they will have a method for dealing with you kindly and patiently.

More than one of my doctors was on my case about my exercise and cardio so I just clicked a button and bought a heavy duty sports bra and I’m going to try running — well, jogging, again. Very short routes. We’ll see how that goes since right now walking uphill seems to be sufficient cardio.

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