You’re So Conceited, Claire

I now have so many of the same basic raccoon and opossum clips that it’s become ho-hum. I need to go back through the ones I got from the beginning that I was so excited about and weed them down. Computer anthropologists of the future will wonder why I have 10 million pictures of the same flowers and the same garden and the same wildlife. (JK – I don’t believe in computer anthropologists because there is no way anything will be that back-compatible.)

I recently came across a hard copy of that novel about hairbands (meaning Poison and Ratt, not like devices to hold your hair out of your eyes) that I wrote about 15 years ago. I re-read a part where the protagonist was concerned that by sound too confident about his band, he would come across as conceited.


Do kids today even know the word conceited? I’m sure there’s a generational divide on this topic.

Different times.

We are nearing an interesting time with the daily posts because I am ready to upgrade to my new computer finally and something is bound to come up to give me trouble and I won’t want to deal with posting. If I disappear, that’s what’s going on.

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