Can You Hear Me Now?

This is probably too small to see but in the background you can see a pair of glowing eyes racing across the yard before the closer guy sprints by. That’s one of the funniest images is when all you can see is glowing eyes. Sometimes there are three pairs floating way back there in the garden bed

Bob and I like to have the closed captioning on for everything we watch.

The captions crack me up, “Somber music” or “Quiet mumbling.”

Recently on The Mandelorian there was a character that did not speak a human language and the Mandelorian couldn’t speak her language so she just gurgled a bit. There is an exciting scene and the caption was: “Frog Lady screams.”

For some reason I think that’s hilarious. I still laugh about it.

I am doing the computer today. Think good thoughts.

19446 / 25000 words. 78% done!

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