Turkey For Two

Well, like almost everyone, I would have preferred to have a bigger celebration but also trying to keep ourselves and everyone we love healthy.

We did a family zoom call and visited our in-town relatives by standing out in the driveway with masks on.

We ended up with a pretty traditional meal. I tried the NYT buttermilk brine for the turkey breast. We made a green citrus salad which is something I always want but end up running out of steam and/or table space for and usually skip. It was fabulous. Instead of pie I made the NYT ginger-pumpkin sorbet which was wonderful and refreshing after the big meal.

Ready for a couple episodes of The Crown before staggering off to bed.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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  1. Darren Freire says:

    We did Chinese foods for our Thanxgivin’, our sister came over with the little boy she was watching. I think we had orange chicken, sweet and sour chicken and teriyaki chicken. It was my tribute to A Christmas Story.
    Faa Raa Raa

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