Smokey morning at Tishawnik.

I don’t think I ever did an update on the new neighbors behind us. We talked to them and they are fine. They were a bit vague about exactly what they plan to do and I’m not sure if that means they are still assessing what they have or they don’t want to tell us.

They demolished the garage which we knew had to happen from the son-in-law. We understand they plan to build an extra mother-in-law apartment and then do some sort of upgrades to the house.

The rental process is on hold – they had such a big response they decided not to deal with it right now. They work like mad over there. I think they’ve shown up every day since they bought it.

Note from Nov 26, 3PM: I scheduled this to post yesterday and just now when I checked to see what happened I find a note “missed schedule.” I thought this was a computer. How does it miss the schedule? It is still scheduled for yesterday. SMH.

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