The Faulty Burrito

A long time ago when I worked in LA and we still got handed a check for payday, I would go out on my lunch break to my credit union to deposit my check.

There was a well known taco chain restaurant near the credit union and sometimes I would stop there and pick up lunch for myself and some of my colleagues.

One time I was in there and while I was waiting this lady went up to the counter and started berating the clerk because her burrito was folded wrong (her actual complaint) and when she took a bite, she spilled taco sauce on her fancy work dress. She demanded that she be reimbursed for her dry cleaning expense. It’s probably worth mentioning that I was in an area populated with people from the entertainment industry.

I don’t know how it came out but I would die of embarrassment before I asked a restaurant to pay for my dry cleaning because I spilled food on myself.

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One Response to The Faulty Burrito

  1. Darren Freire says:

    Many years ago I worked 2nd shift at a spice factory. I remember once while getting off and the trade of shifts, one guy saw how dirty we sometimes get. He is in white sneakers, white pants and a white shirt and he is making it clear to everyone that if his “gear” gets dirty someone is gonna pay to have it cleaned. I mean who shows up to a job dressed in all white?

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