Baking Bread

Since we are spending so much time in the kitchen these days, we have done some light rearranging to try to make things we use the most often easier to grab. I was hoping I had one of those storage drawers in the bottom of my oven that somehow I never knew about in the last 20 years. I pulled at the thing that looked like a handle and it popped off and revealed a dusty space and a big black spider scurrying off.

Oh well.

I think I already mentioned it once but I will mention it again, Kenji’s cooking videos are fantastic. Most of them are him cooking in his own kitchen making things he likes and dispensing little instructional nuggets. This is my favorite treat in the afternoons when my brain is tired.

He did a no knead bread video and I used this to change my technique. I thought that the really wet dough was a mistake and I was adding more flour. I was wrong. I also preheat my Dutch oven much longer and do a shorter cooking time. I’m still using sourdough starter.

The bread has come out fantastic. (Didn’t take picture of crumb. Too busy eating it. Sorry.)

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