The next day was our 23rd wedding anniversary. We slept in and planned our day more carefully.

We were more mindful during our walk to the shuttle and spotted some of the places where we screwed up — like the street with the “No outlet” sign that did have an outlet for our purposes. Back at the park, we watched a couple of bands and then hopped on the shuttle and got off in town. There we had a big, delicious, and fortifying meal to get us through the rest of the day.

There was a chalkboard in the restroom and someone had written two names and that they were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. Underneath someone was celebrating their first. I added us to the list.

As we waited for the shuttle to take us back, a black Corvette cruised by cranking bluegrass.

A punk rock busker sang his heart out across the street. Bob went over to BS with him and make a donation. Later wished he’d asked his name. He decided it would be Cheese-Bong.

Back at the festival, we got to see Jeff Tweedy! Hannah will never forgive me for not mentioning him in the first post.

He was fantastic and hilarious. When he got on stage he told us it was his birthday (52!)(Also: our wedding anniversary is the same day as Jeff Tweedy’s birthday!) and he joked that he was full of cantaloupe.

Later I found an explanation in this tweet. If you don’t want to click — a local farmstand put up a sign asking Jeff Tweedy to stop for a free cantaloupe. The pictures are cute.

We finished at 9pm on the second day and took the shuttle back and didn’t get turned around once finding our place.

Here’s a deer that wandered into the yard while we were drinking our morning tea before we left.

Random festival observation: Artists still call them records.

Another observation and casual conversation I had with more than one person: people were nice and well behaved. I didn’t see any wasted people staggering around making trouble. Also completely age diverse crowd: kids, young people, moms and dads, olds.

On the way home there was a car pulled to the side of the highway. In the distance you could see a guy walking with a gas can. He was a big guy with lots of red hair and a giant beard. As we drove by someone stopped to give him a ride.

It was a fun weekend. I could be convinced to return to this festival.

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