FESTIVAL!! Day 1.5

For certain events there were problems keeping with the schedule. We waited for 45 minutes to see Lindy West and then found out that they hadn’t even started the event scheduled before her.

This ended up okay because when we gave up we were able to see John C. Reilly.

For our last event of the night, we went to the Officer and A Gentleman reading which was great. At the end the cast and audience did “Up Where We Belong” karaoke. I would have been bummed if “Up Where We Belong” didn’t fit in there somehow.

By the time it finished it was 12:45 am. Event organizers said the shuttles would continue until everything ended but we didn’t want to risk a walk back to the shuttle stop if that wasn’t true. The schedule said shuttles ended at midnight.

We were somewhat prepared for this and knew it was about a 1/2 hour walk to our room.

That might be true but it’s a half hour walk for people who know where they are going. The light situation ranged from dim to dark to completely dark and we got turned around several times. Bob’s phone battery was long dead. When we were close but still not sure where we were going, my phone decided that using the flashlight and GPS at the same time was hard and it wasn’t doing a good enough job so it shut itself off. 

Now we had two dead phones and had to try to find this place in the dark in the middle of the night with only a vague notion where we were going.

We stumbled back and forth and finally made it back to the room at 2am.

Bob said it was 25 years ago we went to Lollapalooza together — our first festival. I said: and today is our last!

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