Only My Pants Could Save Me

I thought this would be way funnier when I came up with the idea.

I wanted to post a photo of me in my treaty shirt for my book promotion but (a) we were in a hurry and (b) since I got braces I don’t like to smile with my teeth showing so I have this ridiculous look on my face like I fell asleep with my face pressed against a window and it stuck that way. I thought covering my face would be funny but it looks weird.

Better than my face!

Here’s a funny story.

A couple of weekends ago I was home by myself. I had just taken off my pajamas to throw them in the hamper when I heard a funny noise. I went to look out the kitchen window and our shed door was swinging open. This was about 9 in the morning.


I panicked because I wasn’t wearing pants. I ducked down from the window and ran back to the bedroom–my heart pounding!–to cover my bits.

A lot of angst went on about the shed door and prowlers and what I should do. Eventually I became 99% certain that the shed was left open by a person who did some impromptu tree pruning and the wind knocked the door open. Nothing was missing and I didn’t see or hear any actual people.

I know this word count still looks weak. I had to back track a bit and lost some ground. But I think I’m still in good shape.

Since I had such a productive morning I spent the afternoon on round one of our taxes. I do it myself and it involves a lot of swearing at the computer forms. I have to check my work but they they will be done way earlier than usual. Usually I wait until April and sweat it at the last minute.

60000 / 75000 words. 80% done!

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