Learn From A Loaf

I’m still tweaking my no-knead sourdough recipe. It’s almost always decent but sometimes it’s amazing.

The loaf above was neither. There’s a long bake with the lid on and then a shorter bake with the lid off and the temperature turned down a half notch. I’ve been experimenting with the timing and temperature.

On this one the timing got away from me for just a few minutes but that was enough. We sliced the burned part off and ate the yummy middle.

I recently subscribed to: the sourdough subreddit which has become one of my favorites. Using some tips from there, I tried something new this weekend plus due to timing issues I ended up doing the sourdough feeding cycle a couple of extra times. I went back to using the dutch oven instead of the pyrex.

Excellent loaf. So pretty and delicious. I took a picture of the crumb but it’s still on my camera and no time to deal with it right now.

I’m off to watch a little bit of the big throwball championship with my inlaws.

The book promotion went spectacularly. I had over 33,000 downloads. I’m super pleased and anxious to get Book 4 done.

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