I’m Pining for the Moon

This happened last weekend — it was cold enough to shrivel the garden. I managed to do some raking and digging out there but there’s plenty more if I can get back to it.

New subject.

I tend to let my bras fall into ruin before I replace them and that is the stage we’re at now. I should probably suck up and go to the department store to get properly measured but that’s an easy chore to keep putting off. I found a website that promised I could answer their dozen questions and they could send me my perfect size. Then every time I opened my email there was a message sitting there with the subject line: Results for your 32D teardrop breast shape! [exclamation point in original.]

It was simultaneously hilarious and humiliating. Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever been 32. I found a more complex online measurement tool and last night while Bob was waiting for me to come for dinner, I had my shirt off and was bending in all different directions to get the measurements. At this age, gravity makes it a challenge for accuracy.

That one came back with 28DDD.

Maybe I don’t understand how bra sizes work because I’m not sure what that number even means. A barbie with torpedos? I’m going to continue wearing my rags until I can deal with the problem again. And obviously that’s going to be after the holidays.

These are my broad beans. (Mentioned previously here) Nothing happened for awhile and I found a couple were dug up so I thought I was out of luck but they’re coming in.

These dahlias are in a little warm nook in front of the house and haven’t shriveled yet.

In case you missed it, Sweetheart Braves got a terrific book review from Dear Author.

Here’s my current word count. I’m still keeping up for 50K but just barely and these next few days will be a challenge. But I said my goal was 35K and I need to stop kidding myself because I always only wanted to make the 50K. I’m hoping to get back tonight to see if I can get to 29K. But now I’m off to bake and prep for the big meal.

28419 / 50000 words. 57% done!

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