Just a Big Pile of Dirt with Compost

The paperback is ready: Sweetheart Braves.

If everyone buys 250 copies, I should finally crack the bestseller list. Don’t let me down!

I’m finally back at it and working on Book 4. I still haven’t figured out my process yet so I’m trying something different. That’s a joke because I have figured out my process. It’s to start strong, flail early, have a major freakout, write in circles with intermittent periods of pulling my hair out and sending almost daily whiny messages to my friend Kira about how I really and truly can’t figure out how to finish it this time. Then I make myself finish it because Lorelei has me on the schedule.

But I want to do it differently this time. With less whining and gnashing. More on that story as it develops.

I’ve been doing my last bits of fall gardening. I bought 90 bulbs online and then found a bin of clearance bulbs at Fred Meyer and bought 30 more. I moaned and groaned but I buried a lug of bulbs last weekend and finished up on Monday night. It’s going to be pretty in March.

I optimistically left 2 tomato plants in the ground, both loaded with green tomatoes. Not much progress. I picked everything today and put it on the window sill. I also had this brilliant idea to buy broad beans to do magic to my soil. Actually it wasn’t my idea, it was in this newsletter that I subscribe to.

The only newsletter that is actually helpful, doesn’t come too often, and contains things I actually want to buy: Territorial Seed Company. It was their idea. I need to send them a note and tell them their marketing team is gold medal champion if they’re getting me to stay subscribed, read every one, and buy stuff.

This evening in the 20 minutes before dinner time I was in the dirt with a hand trowel, shoving broad beans in.

I wanted to get things done today because the rains are coming. This is the flower part of the garden and it still looks pretty. There’s lots of work to do on this side yet but I’ll wait until the cold and rain shrivels everything.

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