Twenty-Two Years

This weekend I celebrated 22 years with my sweetie. I had a work meeting in Seattle so I dragged him with me and after my professional responsibilities were finished we had a terrific time goofing off for a couple days.

The skies were smoky but we got a little bit of rain on the day we left.

We spent an evening sitting outside watching Khu.éex', a Tlingit funk band.

We took the ferry to Bremerton. Our plan was to do a quick lap and get back on the ferry to return to Seattle but we met a man going to a reunion of the U.S.S. Turner Joy a naval ship that has been turned into a museum.

He was really friendly and fun to talk to so we ended up going to the ship with him and touring the ship. He was all animated showing us his bunk and where he worked and telling us hilarious stories of his time on the ship. We had a such a great time talking to him.

We also walked along the waterfront a bit and walked around downtown. We went to the Seattle Art Museum.

We took the train for the trip. Bob was dying to go to 13 Coins for an early dinner before we got on the train back home. Thirteen Coins is one of those restaurants where everything on the menu is heavy duty meat/fried/sauce but super delicious. We arrived a little after 4pm and the place was insane with people and groups everywhere. We sat at the counter and watched them cook which was entertaining. I wanted to ask how close they were to capacity — at one point the guy working in front of us had 5 pans going with omelettes and pasta and picatta — but they didn’t have time to chat.

When we left someone told us Ed Sheeran was playing at the stadium which explained the chaos.

Unless there is an unforeseen snafu, Book 3 will be out on Tuesday, September 4. I just got the manuscript back and I need the weekend to finalize it for publication.

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  1. Darren Freire says:

    Years ago I used to go to a Native / Hispanic mix place in Wichita called 2 Feathers… Is 13 Coins out of the way or too packed… And I thought you were shy of over-fried foods? Your colon will spank you !!! Biggest things is 2 Feathers had a Sunday brunch, 3 people minimum but 9 differing meat tacos. Good thing that I cane read / understand some Spanish!!! I was able to steer clear of the tongue, brain, monkey and belly foods. And bad to say but many time the waitress would play bartender and serve you Silver or Gold Margaritas for well prices. Okay I was a bad boy and asked for a Cobo Wabo Margarita and that should have been $8.75 back in 1997 and she charged me $3.75 for each one. Thank You Sammy Hagar! I walked home after a few. I was bad years ago…

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