Late Summer Is Here

My favorite lemon cucumbers! For the first time in years, I have an amazing crop. I picked about ten this week and there are at least four more out there. I eat them like an apple.

Is late summer here or is September considered late summer?

I still think of summer in terms of the school year rather than the calendar. I love when it feels like summer is winding down. It’s darker when I get up in the morning and at some point, the nights will feel cooler.

I still have only had a few tomatoes. The plants out front aren’t doing great and the ones in back are on the verge but still not producing ripe fruit.

I have a couple of funny volunteers that are the only ones doing anything and enough for a snack while I’m out in the garden and that’s it.

My neighbor offered zucchini from a huge out of control plant, and I’ve wanted to try this summer minestrone with pesto. (no zucchini photos to go with this statement)

I’ve also been meaning to try more savory pies, and the food section had this tomato pie with pimento cheese topping. I’m not sure about it, but I think it would be fun to try.

The garden becomes overwhelming quickly. I’ve got potatoes that need to be made into a salad. And I intended to grab some beets and cook for Chlodnik later this week. I see three different spellings in my browser and I can’t bring myself to link to one of these lifestyle cooking blogs with 87 photos and long stories. It’s cold buttermilk and beets with dill and cucumber and really yummy to one person who lives in my household.

Another one of my favorite things about this time of year is the goldfinches in the sunflowers. They go nuts all morning long, flying around the garden and they are so pretty and almost like a cartoon bird.

Our toilet has been running for months and this weekend I finally tackled it. It’s not a standard flusher, but you can find a movie showing you how to repair anything these days. I did the video and put it all back together and more running. I ran around the house like Rocky. Until about an hour later is started a new noise: SPHSHSHSHSHSHSH! SPHSHSHSHSHSHSH! SPHSHSHSHSHSHSH!

After additional research and testing, I decided it’s time to bring in a pro. It’s ten years old, let’s just replace it.

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