The Day of the Turkey

This is from a trip to Germany and not relevant to Thanksgiving or this post except the part about my awesome extended family.

I was trying to think if I had any great Thanksgiving stories and I don’t. My extended family is awesome so I don’t have any terrible family stories.

When I was a kid, we used to go to Alhambra, CA and have dinner with my Great Aunt Ivy. My recollection is that she didn’t have a house set up for little kids but she would have some coloring books for me and my sister. Her house had a tiny kitchen and it was chaos at the last minute getting everything on the table.

This house was way before the day of the open floor plan. We all crammed in the dining room for dinner. There was a separate room — probably called the family room with the TV and a bar (?) and there was a seat that opened up and that’s where she stashed toys for us. I should ask my sister if she remembers any of this.

Not relevant to Thanksgiving but this house had a GIANT avocado tree. Aunt Ivy always brought us avocados.

I wonder what that house is like now. I would zillow it if I knew the address.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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