Today I am writing on the same day that I’m posting. I had a half day at work and relaxed for an hour and then made my pumpkin pie. I didn’t hear the timer so it was in the oven a teenie bit too long. I don’t think it’s tragic. We’ll find out tomorrow. I also made my gravy and called it good.

Tomorrow I’m going to write out my timeline for the rest of my cooking. I’ll start with the rolls in the morning. These are my favorite rolls. They are total squishy white bread rolls. Normal mashed potatoes. Stuffing in the slow cooker. Spatchcocked turkey. Last year went smoothly, I think I can do it again.

I finished season 2 of Stranger Things last night. I can’t express hard enough how much that show works for me. I LOVE everything about it. The music, the setting, the actors. I am so in love with every character. The writing is great. I would love to spend a weekend re-watching and outlining from a writing point of view. No time. Gotta keep chugging on my own project.

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