Secret Breakfast

Look what I saw when we pulled up in the driveway this afternoon!!!

My sweetie has his 60th birthday tomorrow.

Today, to celebrate, we had an amazing day.

We started with breakfast at what I called a “secret restaurant” which was a very traditional Polish restaurant in the Polish Library of Portland. It was *amazing*. Small room. Few tables. Not many people there that weren’t Polish. What a great meal.

From there we went to the Expo Center to the Lego convention. It was awesome. I love seeing high nerd culture in its environment. I love seeing kids and adults having fun doing something together. This was a big room filled with people having a great time.

I will admit I rolled my eyes a little when Bob said this was what he wanted to do, but it’s his day. We should do what he wants. It was fun.

From there we went downtown. For any readers who don’t live around here, today was something like the 8th day since OCTOBER with lots of sunshine. Bob found some clothes and it was fun just walking around.

I can’t remember what all I planted but this is a future tulip. Maybe I just planted tulips. The daffodils aren’t impressive but looks like lots of tulips coming in.

On the way home our Max train was in an accident. It was a thrill. I guess the truck tried to rush in front or maybe was trying to make a yielding left when the train had the right of way. The train braked — you could tell something was wrong. Then a black truck with a sorry looking back end bounced back into the intersection and took off.

Since we hit a vehicle the train had to stop and do a report.

Fire trucks came! Fireman came on the train. They asked if anyone was hurt. We all laughed. They asked if there was a fire or anything they could do.

The Transit Police came and told us they had to take a report and asked if anyone had a good view of the guy.

They told us the train was not damaged and we would be on our way soon.

I told Bob if you’re going to be in a train accident, that was the way to do it.

Great day!! When I got home I worked in the yard for the first time since October. The sunshine was heavenly. One of my neighbors came over and said, “Excuse me, do you know what that giant glowing thing in the sky is?”

I had terrible insomnia last night so this is going to have to do it.

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