One Quick Round-Up

This is one of our neighbors who often has “great” free stuff.

I’ve always been a morning shower person and I’m trying to convert to an evening shower person. I catch the bus so early and I can’t bear to wake up any earlier than I already do. When we had freezing temperatures I didn’t want to stand out there waiting for the bus with wet hair. I’ve got a lot of hair and getting it thoroughly dry is a project. But I’m not used to taking showers at night so I’ll be settling down to watch my show and think: oh shit, I need to bathe.

I don’t notice the absence of bird noise until the birds return. That one nice day we had last weekend they were so loud outside my window. Not a complaint!

I am on my way to California for a week to visit the folks. They have wifi now so I’m not as cut-off as I used to be when I go down there but I like to minimize my online time when I’m there. Which now that I type that I realize is ridiculous since I’m rarely here anyway.

I’m trying a new podcasting app for this trip and trying to set it up right now while also packing and organizing to me gone for a week. I’m sure this will go well.

Bob has finals next week. I have good timing on this.

Have I done a romance novel progress update lately? My due date to my beta readers was in a week. I guess it was last weekend I was staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night with my heart racing, panicked because I’ve been struggling with this one and the closer I got to the deadline the more freaked out I was getting because it has not come together and my brain has been too worn out for the task. I asked myself: When did this stop being fun?

When I got up the next morning I emailed the editor and rescheduled for July. WHEW. So if you’re anxious to find out what happens next, you have to wait until August.

Best place to look for me while I’m gone is Instagram.

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