A couple of years ago crows began hanging out downtown after dark. They are very loud and they poop in spectacular quantities. When I get off the bus in the morning, I walk very quickly and keep my fingers crossed that I can avoid getting pooped on. I took this photo while I was waiting for the bus the other day. They were coming in for the night.

I had a lovely weekend last weekend and then I didn’t sleep through the night all week. I think everyone can related to periods of sleeplessness and the number it does on your head. Last week felt like a total wash. All I did was stagger around and do whatever my three operational brain cells could handle.

I have slept the past 2 nights and I’ve been trying to get back in the groove. Plus get into the holiday groove which is, so far, modestly successful.

After last weekend I decided I need to prioritize more reading time. I’m not sure how to accomplish this but I have all these great books sitting here that I’ve been dying to read and I never seem to get to them. I have books from last Christmas that I haven’t even taken off the shelf. Reading on the commute isn’t cutting it. I need more quality reading time.

I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

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