Duct Work

Shadow ran away to live on a farm back in October. He was my sister’s loyal pal and had a great life with a warm bed and lots of treats and long walks and people to scratch his belly. People who love dogs don’t last long without them and there is a new energetic bundle of destruction in the family. I will have photos after xmas.

This summer we had to replace our air conditioner and as part of the process we had some sort of efficiency evaluation. It was one thing I didn’t have to be in charge of, so to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention.

Since we’ve lived in this house I have complained about how whatever temperature air is being pumped into my writing room, the flow is so forceful that it makes the room uncomfortable. In the winter, I don’t mind being overheated but I would need to keep the door open or turn the thermostat way down so it didn’t blast me while I was exercising. In the summer I would have to wear sweatpants if I wanted to work in there while the air was going.

I don’t know what sort of dark magic went on but I guess there are some air flow gadgets on the ducts in the basement. Someone switched something somewhere and now it is completely reasonable in here even when the heat is blasting. Meanwhile, the vents on the far side of the house have air flow out of them. It is a Christmas miracle!

I am about 90% done with my outlining process for book 2. Hopefully I can get a hunk done over the holidays. We’ll call it the project of early 2017:

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