A Variety of Updates

I never found the missing gift cards. I completely cleaned my desk at home and my desk at the office. In fact, I keep moving things around in case I missed something the first time. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that someone walked off with them, but it’s more likely that I used them as a quick bookmark or stuck them in with something that I carefully put away. I’m bummed because it’s not like me to be careless with things like that.

I thought the world was moving away from using the phone so much but I kid you not, there have been at least 9 phone calls back and forth to schedule someone to come over and clean our chimney. (Remember when we had squirrels?) They have some sort of internal failure and kept calling us to schedule even after we’d scheduled. They called again today to see if we wanted to have an appointment and I complained about all the calls. They also called to confirm the appointment – which is tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll call to let us know they’re on their way.

Since I’ve been home from vacation I’ve baked two bricks. I don’t know what happened but I have been failing bread baking. I’m going to try again this weekend. I made one pie this summer and it was crust as usual but the pie was yummy – peach, blueberry, blackberry and strawberry. We have a tiny piece left to share tonight and I’m hoping to make another this weekend.

I’m gearing up to start my revisions on romance #2 with the finish date the end of the month. I have one spec fiction story that has been floating out there but I think will finally be coming out soon. I’ll set off fireworks when that happens. I finished a new spec short story that needs a tiny tweak and it’s ready to go out into the world. I have notes on another but didn’t get to it yet. Oh — republishing the collection. Taking longer than I thought. Hopefully by next month.

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