We Interrupt Vacation Coverage

A little bit more vacation stuff coming. Meanwhile, I need to complain about people doing it wrong and tell a quick story.

Story first — remember last year at this time when I lost a bunch of stuff from my wallet? I never found it and it’s happened again on a much smaller scale. I had a couple of gift cards that I was getting ready to use. I was interrupted in the middle of putting together my order (this was months ago) and I can’t find the gift cards. I am cleaning my room right now and they haven’t turned up. Obviously there is a black hole here somewhere. I have no other explanation.

Now the wrong people — at the beginning of this month I received a bill dated July 29 for an eye doctor appointment I had in mid-June. I paid for services at the time of the appointment.

My Doctor’s office switched to a computer system a couple of years ago so now I can get all my information online.

I dutifully dug around until I found my username and password and secret extra code and logged in and could find no record of the bill.

You can pay using the system but there is no way to tell them that they have billed you incorrectly nor is there a way to send them a scan of your receipt that you were so kind to make for them.

I went to the customer service menu and sent a note explaining that I’d received a bill for services that I’d already paid for and that I couldn’t find any place in their system to tell them that.

The response was that the eye clinic isn’t part of the online system (?!) but that my account didn’t show anything due and probably the bill was generated before the payment was registered. If your billing system can’t track an electronic payment after 6 weeks, you are doing it wrong.

I will bet you anything I get a past due notice next month.

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