Lost Items

This was some street art from somewhere in Philadelphia.

One of the things I do before I go on a trip is I clean out my wallet and take only the essential items. The items I remove I put in a safe place. And this time I can’t find my safe place.

I figured once I started looking I would find them quickly. But I looked in the usual spot. The less usual spot. The maybe it fell down spots.

Today I did advanced looking and I still haven’t found them. I’m wondering if maybe I accidentally threw them away. I don’t even know what all it is. I think my tribal ID and my AAA card. Possibly a library card. Poop.

While I was looking today I searched a bunch of drawers and apparently I lost my mind at some point and stocked up for the apocalypse by buying endless Post-Its. There are Post-Its by my bed, in my dresser, in my desk drawer, on my computer desk, in the drawer by the phone and in the annex drawer in the laundry room for when I buy too many Sharpies and Post-Its.

If you need Post-Its let me know and next time you stop by I’ll have a gift bag for you.

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