This is Noah as in “No-ah, we aren’t getting another cat.” That’s the next door neighbors. Not us.

Noah is very sweet but did not like the camera. There is another cat that I was getting confused with Noah. But that cat has a collar and is named Franklin. We seem to cycle through cats quickly in this neighborhood. Louie from across the street disappeared and I haven’t seen Babs in awhile.

This is what the garden looks like at present. The tomatoes aren’t doing shiddly-doo. The volunteer is doing okay but the ones I bought at the grocery store are just sitting there. One of them probably got too toasted. There seems to be a volunteer acorn squash. There are a couple of bunches of spinach. Tons of potatoes. Ridiculous amounts of potatoes. I didn’t plant much so I can’t complain.

Here is the big news. The project of August is finished. Well, the first draft. Yes, it is below target but close enough. It has gone out to the first readers. You will probably not hear about it again until the end of next month. Meanwhile, I’m not sure what to do with myself. I read an interview with Francine Prose years and years ago, where she said when she had insomnia, she would get up and write.

Normally, when I have insomnia I can’t comprehend getting up to write but I’ve been doing it the last few weeks. It’s kind of weird when you’re keeling over at 11am to realize you’ve been up for 8 hours.

I’ve ignored everything else in life while I was writing, but now that I have momentum, I hate to stop. We’ll see what I do next.

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