Wrong Turn

No big news. Just a few tidbits.

Holiday shopping has started and is proceeding somewhat successfully. I can’t brag about being done yet.

I thought about holiday cards but realized I was just creating a chore that I would want to avoid so no need to stand by the mailbox. I have a Mailchimp account now for pen name (Curious?) so I considered spamming my friends with a holiday e-newsletter but that would still create a chore to avoid, so don’t worry about more email newsletters.

Haven’t we agreed as a planet that there is too much email? That email is a never-ending battle? That our goal is zero inbox? Aren’t there endless hints and tips for dealing with email?

My favorite was the guy who said he never answers email. He also never receives phone calls. If everyone follows those rules the system falls apart pretty quickly.

So why is it that 99 out of every 100 websites I visit want me to sign up for a newsletter? I signed up for a newsletter that would have been helpful for work but for the first three consecutive days after I signed up they sent me a fundraising newsletter. Good-bye helpful newsletter. My author newsletter is only for new releases or huge news so in a record-breaking busy year a subscriber might get 4 emails. Or, given the current state of affairs, never. Those of you who subscribed to the inaugural issue may have a collector’s item on your hands.

I went to the eye doctor for the first time in two years. This is the first eye doctor I’ve liked in about 20 years. I was expecting him to tell me my eyes were aging so rapidly they will probably fall out any day now. Nope. They didn’t get worse. Hooray.

Long time readers might be wondering if I have my Star Wars ticket yet. Yup. Living Room Skybox. Although to be honest, I’m already kinda burned out hearing about Star Wars. But I still want to see it.

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