The Other Loaf

The bread is in the oven so no photo. This is a strange plant at Mom’s in August.

Most of the time when I bake, I make the No Knead Sourdough loaf. Today I decided to do a different recipe, the Cook’s Illustrated Sandwich Loaf. (That recipe is not exactly the same, but close enough.) There’s also a Buttermilk Bread recipe that I like a lot.

This recipe has the instruction to knead until the dough is satiny. Which reminds me of some other recipe instructions that I have that tell me to do something, like stir sauce, until it’s silky.

I can’t relate satiny and silky to food. I don’t know what that means. Also when the instructions tell me to knead until the dough is soft.

Soft compared to what? It all seems soft to me. If it started out like concrete I might have a better frame of reference.

Actually, my all time favorite recipe instruction is to cook until done – which is both obvious and useless.

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  1. Hannah says:

    I think I know that plant. It’s called Honesty. Seriously.

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