My New Part Time Jobs

When I had my last eye exam I mentioned that I have trouble with my eyes being dry. This isn’t a new situation but it bothers me when I spend a lot of time at the computer. (Surprise.)

He did some horrible test which I would describe as scraping a wooden stick around my eye.

He suggested that every night I put a warm pack on my eyes for 20 minutes and then wash my eyes with baby soap and massage around my eyelids. That might not be the exact instructions because I put the sheet at the bottom of my bathroom drawer when I got home that night and haven’t looked at it since.

Twenty minutes to sit with an eye pack? Every night? Yeah, sure, if he told me my eyeballs would fall out if I didn’t do this I would probably be motivated to make the time. But I’m already brushing and flossing and cleansing and moisturizing and fluffing my neck pillow and getting all my stuff ready for the next day because I get up at such an ungodly hour. I can’t bear the thought of adding 20 minutes with an eye pack to the equation.

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  1. Hannah says:

    This post made me laugh until I cried and couldn’t breathe. Wooden stick. Oh my god. Thank you.

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