Everybody on the Bus

Strawberry-rhubarb for a get together. I’m always happy when I manage to make a pretty one to take somewhere. Sure, you can argue that the juice burbled around the edges is not ideal, but I think it’s pretty.

I’ve been taking the same bus in the morning for, gulp, 8 years?

I’ve mentioned it before but I go to a park-n-ride and there are 2 buses that go to Portland. One stops in downtown Vancouver and one is direct. I started taking the one that stopped in Vancouver because it was always less crowded. For awhile there, it was three of us who took this longer route.

There have been others taking this but but last week I couldn’t believe it, there were at least 15 people taking this bus instead of the direct one. So by the time you loaded all the passengers in Vancouver, the bus was completely full.

So I took the direct bus and what do you know? Not crowded at all. They arrive at almost the same time, so I guess that will be my bus now.

I love it when I download photos from one of my cameras and find a bunch of photos I forgot about. This one had blurry photos from 2 Timbers games plus a bunch of flowers and sights from our walk around the neighborhood a week ago.

This picture doesn’t make any sense. I found that postal scan in one of my endless “miscellaneous images” folders that I keep in my highly specialized organization system. I wanted to do something with it and I tacked it on this photo which is fine except that I was in Vancouver when I took that photo and that mountain is Mt. St. Helens which is located in Washington. Portland does not figure into this photo.

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