Is It Warm In Here?

From the backyard: some rascal nibbled on a tiny green apple. I’m guessing squirrel.

On Wednesday it got warm in the office.

I believe it is well documented here that I am always cold and while I enjoy the practical benefits of air conditioning, I dislike cold air blowing on me or near me.

I bought an indoor/outdoor thermometer so I could prove that during the winter I am “freezing.” The indoor sensor is in my office and the outdoor sensor is in colleague’s office. When I’m freezing it usually reads 70 degrees in both our offices and has failed to prove my point.

But on the warm day it went to 74. Then 76. Then 78. In both offices.

I hate complaining because (a) I’m terrified they will make it so cold I will regret it and (b) because you have to log into this website and fill out a form and then get a series of emails reporting on your work order and I don’t like to do that plus I can never remember my password or username.

But when it hit 79 at Noon it seemed obvious there was a problem. I found my login ID, navigated the website, filled out the form and suggested it might be getting a little warm in our suite.

Turns out the AC wasn’t working for our entire floor. How was I the first one complaining?

They turned on a fan and had a technician come in right away and within 2 hours I had to put my sweater back on. When the building staff came to the office to see how we were doing, I said: We’re usually not the first in line to complain but …”

They said: You aren’t even close to the first in line to complain.

They told me I should let them know if anything is going on. But I probably still won’t.

First berries! I knew the ever-bearing were out there but I was surprised to see some red ones, too. I think the crop is going to be a little smaller than the last couple of years. But still should be plenty.

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