Two Cruds is Two Too Many Cruds

I ended up not getting very many good flower photos this year. It seems like whenever I was home, I was sick, it was raining, or the light was poop. And now the flowers are dried up or looking a little blown out. I think the ornamental cherry tree (I don’t actually know what kind of tree it is. I’ve been told more than once and my brain refuses to save that information) had blossoms for about 3 minutes that blew away at the first puff of wind.

Speaking of sick, remember a few years ago when I explained that I didn’t understand when people said, “I was sick and then I got sick again.” I always thought: how can you get sick again?

And then I got a never-ending cough, healed for about 2 weeks and got another never-ending cough.

Obviously that had to be a fluke.

Or was it?

Wednesday night when I came home I felt a little fuzzy in my sinus which usually indicates something is coming on. I felt gross when I woke up on Thursday. I thought: I feel sick. But I can’t be sick because I had the crud last month.

And off I went to work, figuring once I got out, had some tea, got to the office I would feel better.

Nope. I decided to leave early. 4pm. 3pm. 2pm.

I take a commuter bus that runs often during rush hour but only about every 50 minutes during the day. Meanwhile, co-worker returned after three days at home with his own case of the crud. He’s one of those people who never takes off work for being sick.

People: stay away from our office.

We were walking to lunch and I realized I wasn’t hungry. I was on the 12:45 bus. I was in my pajamas and back in bed by 1:45pm. After my nap I flopped on the couch with a fever and achy joints and whimpered quietly thinking: how can this be happening? I was already sick.

Fortunately, I slept about 12 hours and feel 90% better today. No fever. No aches. Just a stuffy head.

We better be done with this.

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