Too Many Movies

When we go to California we take Grayback which isn’t a high traffic road. This photo (and the one on the header) were taken from lookout spot that has a picnic bench and I think some interpretive signs. I love stopping here because it’s so pretty.

On this particular trip we stopped so I could duck behind a bush.

While we were stretching and taking photos a truck passed the lookout, stopped, and started backing up.

Since I watch too many movies and write stories, I assumed they were insane murderers who had stumbled upon a couple of slow moving old people who would be easy to rob and then kick over the mountain. I looked at Bob. What I was thinking was: do we jump in the car and run for it?

Bob and I both edged closer to the car while the truck pulled in.

This is a tiny lookout spot. You could park maybe 4 cars if you were really determined.

A lady was driving and there were at least 2 other people in the car. The lady smiled and waved at me. The windows were partly tinted so then I assumed it was someone in my family who recognized our car and stopped to say hello.

We are out in the middle of nowhere and I went from murderers to relatives in 60 seconds.

Turns out it was neither. They just overshot the lookout and they wanted to stop to enjoy the view, too.

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