I Can’t Find My Pants

I’ve only had time to do a couple of Photoshop tutorials this week. Learning composite images.

In the lessons the photos are always easy like replacing a photo of just sky and clouds into a photo that’s plain sky and a yellow flower. I was trying to do some funny ones but they were too complex so we only have these two sad ones. Although I think the cat is pretty funny.

This morning my spouse was stomping around the house. “Did you lose something?” I asked. “My pants,” he said.

He was wearing pants at the time so I wasn’t completely clear what the problem was at first although I guessed he couldn’t find his pants from the night before and needed his wallet and keys that were in the pockets. This was correct.

I was waiting in the car because we we were running errands and he finally joined me.

Turns out last night he couldn’t find his tote bag with his iPad because it was in the back seat instead of the trunk. But then he finally found it in the back seat and apparently put down the pants he was carrying in order to bring his iPad in the house.

I can’t wait until we get really old and dotty.

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