Cash Fast

For some stupid reason I decided to do xmas cards this year. I ordered them over 2 weeks ago and they sat here for a while. Then I did a few here and a few there. Then I lost interest again. Then I did a bunch and figured it was good enough. Then Bob used up all the rest.

Then we realized we’d left out some people so I bought some more. Then I couldn’t remember who I’d already sent them to.

So if you know us you can expect between 0 and 2 xmas cards from Pam and Bob.

I have had no concept of the date all week and was surprised to learn that tomorrow is xmas eve. I have one thing left to wrap, otherwise I’m ready.

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One Response to Cash Fast

  1. Kim says:

    This is hilarious. I could have written it myself. Btw, I enjoyed your card and have only received one.

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