Very Last Parting Thoughts

A few last thoughts and I promise I won’t mention the trip again unless I have to complain some more about Lufthansa not giving me my $70 back.

1. People all over the world will put their bag on the seat next to them on public transportation in the hope that no one will sit there.

2. People will travel halfway across the world to an amazing location and walk around looking at their phones.

3. Everyone looks ridiculous holding their phone up like plate to speak into it.

I just remembered one more story I didn’t tell. The last weekend we were there was a 3 day weekend in Germany. We went from Bad K to Frankfurt on Sunday evening. The train was unbelievably crowded. And there was no place to put giant bags. The overhead racks were only big enough for a box of donuts and between the seats it was too narrow. Meanwhile, there were at least 15 bikes in a car that I think was intended for bikes but maybe not that many. We crammed our bags in the bike area and then crawled over bags in the aisle and asked a lady to move her purse (she was nice about it) so we could sit down. She later left to see if there was a less crowded place to sit (it was a double-decker train!) and when she came back she said it was packed everywhere.

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  1. Kira says:

    People hold their phones like plates and talk into them? I was not aware of this phenomenon. Do I do this? Is it because they are wearing head phones?

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