Last Day

We ended the trip where we started: killing time in Frankfurt.

Except this time we didn’t mind so much since we weren’t so tired and we already knew the drill. We even knew where the cheaper lockers were to store our bags for the day.

The bummer was that it was a Monday so all the museums were closed. But we walked around. Found this Karmeliter Kloster with wall paintings and a garden.

Then we hiked up the stairs of the St. Bartholomew cathedral for the view. This fulfilled our cardio needs before spending hours on a plane.

The last thing to do was pick up a few last things at the store before we left. We had a terrible time finding them and later I realized it was like we were looking for Oreos and Nutter Butters at Nordstrom. We were on our way to pick up our bags when we found a bargain mart that had all my cookies and a fresh supply of Fisherman’s Friend.

Two giant trips in 4 months is a lot of travel for me, the girl who loves her couch, but it definitely whet my appetite for travel again. Gotta save some money.

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