The Dog

A few months ago we noticed our mail had stopped coming.

At first we thought maybe we just weren’t getting mail. But Bob keeps track of the Netflix so by Day 4 he knew there was a problem. On Day 5 he went to the post office where the nice clerk said, “Well yes, here’s all your mail. I have no idea why it’s being held and the person you need to ask isn’t here.”

The word “dog” was scrawled on one envelope.

In that packet of mail was one of those “you have a package at the post office” slips so I had to go back to the post office the next day to pick up my package. Again the person we needed to talk to wasn’t there.

That afternoon (day 7 since they suspended our service) we got regular mail delivery and in the mail was a letter from the post office informing us that our dog was out and the post office did not want to deliver our mail until they were reasonably assured that there was no danger from our dog. They don’t want postal carriers getting bitten.

You know what? I don’t want postal carriers getting bitten either. But you know what else? WE DON’T HAVE A DOG.

I wrote back and explained that and pointed out that without timely notice and a description of the dog: there is no way I could do anything about this.

What am I supposed to do? Walk around knocking on doors asking the neighbors if they have a dog that happened to be loose and on our lawn a week earlier?

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