Terrible Soundtracks

Earlier this year I was on a kick of watching older movies that I haven’t seen for years to see how they hold up.

Jaws – totally holds up. It gets a little long at the end, but still a great movie.

Big – holds up. Tom Hanks is so good in this movie. They even manage to avoid making it creepy when Elizabeth Perkins has the hots for him.

The Fugitive – totally holds up. Tommy Lee Jones is great. But the soundtrack is stab-your-ears out awful.

Romancing the Stone – does not hold up. Danny DeVito has some great scenes but mostly the movie is awful plus it has a stab-your-ears-out awful soundtrack. From this performance it is unbelievable to remember that Kathleen Turner was a BFD back then.

Witness – totally holds up. Looks for Aragorn in the barn building scene.

Not an old movie but I have a note here to write about Her which is the one where the guy has a relationship with his operating system. When I saw the trailer I wanted that 60 seconds of my life back. I thought it looked dreadful. A number of people that I know and trust told me I should see it, that it was good, but I was doubtful. Bob got it from Netflix and asked if I wanted to watch with him. I told him to watch it and if he thought it was okay I would watch it.

He said: I didn’t want to like it either, but it’s pretty good.

And it is pretty good. I didn’t love it but I liked it. I thought Joaquin Phoenix was amazing. I wish I could say more but my notes end here and I can’t remember the details. That’s why I don’t get paid to work here.

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  1. Darren says:

    “I don’t get it, what is fun about a building?” I love that scene. So many don’t get that Josh just invented Transformers. He gave McMillen toys a Billion Dollar idea. And the party scene is so funny.

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