He Gets Me

This is my other story about subscribing to the New Yorker. In the back of the magazine there are cute little interesting ads. Sometimes you can’t even tell what the ad is about. I like to check the URLs to see what they are.

There was one ad for buying original art. Oh, I like original art.

I got to the website and there was a button you could click for art work under $25,000. I realized I was not the target audience.

Later I was telling Bob this about this and I told him they had art in a style that we’d seen before in museums.

“You know,” I said, “It’s called … um … it’s called … The Boat Painters.”

He keeled over laughing because (a) he knew exactly what I was talking about and (b) it’s called The Hudson River School.

(If you haven’t heard the story there was another time when I was telling him I’d heard something about a band he liked. I said, “It’s called something something big world.” It was actually called Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. But he knew what I meant.)

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