Burn Baby Burn

I was just folding up my pajama pants from the laundry and wow, they look like they should be burned. How do things get so ratty without me noticing? I put them back in the drawer. I can burn them anytime and right now I still want to wear them.

I started working on some photos for a post at the beginning of the week and was interrupted and never got back to it.

I know everyone is frazzled and super busy and no one likes to hear about how someone else is frazzled and super busy but sheesh, I am frazzled and super busy. I feel like I am keeping up with only half of everything and doing it poorly. And when I do finally have time, my brain is tired and doesn’t want to cooperate.

I have been trying to deal with some [boring grown up stuff] and it seems like for every question I ask or phone call I make, I create 10 more questions and 3 more phone calls. I understand why people don’t deal with [boring grown up stuff]. There is no incentive to deal with it other than there may be some time in the future when I will theoretically be glad I dealt with it now instead of filing it away and not thinking about it.

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