I Finished My Class!

I couldn’t make my text look as good as in the tutorial. And I looked at this word so long I had to check the dictionary to make sure I spelled it right.

Remember when I started this class way back at Labor Day? I just finished it today. I thought it was 15 hours but now it says 13 Hours 46 minutes. I have 8 other classes in my playlist right now but none of them are that long.

I need tons more practice. Stay tuned.

So back during the holidays I went shopping at a big box sporting goods store. I was there pretty early but the posted hours were insane like 7am-11pm. I think I was in on a weekday at about 9am.

The store was empty. I was the only customer in there.

To be honest, it upsets me to see big box stores with insanely endless hours that are mostly empty every time I go in there.

I hiked around until I found the department I wanted and I needed help with what I was buying. There was no one around. I hiked back to the front of the store where the lone employee who wished me good morning when I came in was doing whatever she was doing to kill time. I asked her if I could get help.

Then I heard her on the phone, describing what I looked like to the person who was supposed to meet in the outback and help me with my question. I was thinking: Just say it’s THE CUSTOMER. How could he miss me?

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