My January Friend

This is a rock in the road on Highway 96

Every time I’m in my car I remember what it was I wanted to write about and the minute I get in front of my computer I can’t remember what it was.

Here are two items I remember:

One good thing about winter is that I don’t see any snails. Yes, I am thinking about snails. I bet they just hunker down in the dirt and reproduce all winter long so in the bigger scheme of things I’m not winning. But I’m going to pretend I am.

The second item is I made yet another loaf of fail bread this weekend. I received a huge bag of currants from the California desert for Christmas and I found this bread recipe where the liquid is carrot juice and you add currants and walnuts.

Here is the recipe. There’s a 15 minute video clip, too, but I don’t have the patience to watch it so I’m not going to recommend. I think that every video clip ever is too long, except for those involving the Portland Timbers. (Did I mention pre-season starts February 17? Don’t worry, I’ll remind you again. The opening match is March 3 on ESPN2 in case you want to put that on your calendar. We play New York.)

Back to my recipe, I’ll omit the details but I made two baking things at once and both failed so I’m pretty confident the problem was the yeast. The yeast packs in my cupboard all say good until 2014 but I go through it so quickly I don’t check so I probably had an old packet in there and didn’t notice.

The first rise was not too impressive but I went ahead and did the second rise and baked it. There’s no question it was a brick. But isn’t what makes bread fluffy, air? So really didn’t I just save us from having to eat a lot of air?

It tasted decent. According to Bob it’s terrific with nut butter and since there’s only one tiny wedge left, I don’t think he’s lying. I’m going to do a giant do over this weekend to either shore up my confidence or stab it in the face.

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